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Best Vegan Restaurants in Hanoi

Vietnamese people love their vegetables, and finding vegetarian food is especially easy in a city like Hanoi. These restaurants are bound to satisfy vegetarians and even meat eaters with their delicious menus. Here are the best vegan restaurants in Hanoi for you.

Best Vegan Restaurants in Hanoi

Jalus Vegan Kitchen

Jalus Vegan Kitchen

Nestled in the chaotic back streets of the Old Quarter, Jalus is a peaceful oasis away from the city. It’s a small spot and rarely gets busy – but serves an extensive menu of both Asian and European dishes. It’s my favourite spot for a vegan breakfast in Hanoi, as it serves up a great tofu scramble!

Other dishes include burgers, Asian veg and tofu dishes and one of the best vegan gnocchis that I’ve ever had. It’s worth going just for the gnocchi alone. You’ll also be able to enjoy juices, coffees made with plant milk and more.

Prices are reasonable, pricier than you’ll pay in any Vietnamese restaurant but by no means astronomical.

Loving Hut

There are Loving Huts all over the world, but each offers cuisine unique to its location, which I think is pretty cool. That being said, this Au Cao restaurant serves up traditional Vietnamese pho and other dishes, as well as tantalizing spring rolls. They’re so good.

It’s also one of the best places to get a simple tofu and tomatoes dish in Hanoi (which is surprisingly a main that is hard to do right!)

There are seats upstairs and downstairs, and also a little shop that sells vegan products, which is perfect if you’re self-catering a bit in Vietnam.

Buddha Chay

CLOSED: Buddha Chay - Hanoi Restaurant

A wonderfully scenic restaurant located on the shores of West Lake (Tay Ho), Buddha Chay is an all-vegan eatery serving up curries and soups. It’s always quite quiet, but don’t let that put you off; they have an extensive menu of delicious Asian fare. The curry here is an interesting fusion between Thai and Vietnamese dishes and it’s one of my all-time favourites.

Uu Dam

While most of Hanoi enjoys devouring meaty dishes, Uu Dam caters to the small percentage who follows a solely vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. The space is large, spanning over three floors, where a lot of thought has gone into the design — the aim is to make you feel at home and at ease as you dine. The menu focuses on an all-vegetable take on pan-Asian cuisine, and includes a wide variety of Vietnamese dishes popular throughout the country. Prices are not too hard on your wallet, and you’ll be able to get away with paying about USD$10.00 per person, probably even less.

An Phuc Vegetarian Food

An Phuc Vegetarian Food | Best Vegan Restaurants in Hanoi, Vietnam

An Phuc serves fresh vegetarian dishes bursting with so much flavor that the absence of meat will not be felt. The venue offers a warm interior, with a balcony on the second floor that is the perfect spot to people-watch as you dig into your delicious meal. The menu includes tofu and mock meat dishes, such as a vegan and vegetarian take on beefy pho. The staff are warm, with smiles all around, adding to the experience. The portions are also rather large and the prices extremely cheap. You will find yourself returning here time and time again during your stay.

The Veg – Organic Vego & Tea

The Veg is one of the best vegan restaurants in Hanoi for a clean and green meal or even just a cup of coffee. It’s one of those places where you can spend the whole day under the cool A/C, away from the Hanoi sun. bring a book or your friends, order from the delicious menu and relax the day away. In addition to Vietnamese favorites, you can find Western must-eats such as vegetarian pizza, pasta, and even Thai curry.

Ahimsa Vegetarian Restaurant

Ahimsa Vegetarian Restaurant _ Vegan Restaurants In Hanoi For A Healthy Green Meal

For those who’d rather stay away from even the taste of meat, Ahimsa is a solid option. This restaurant avoids overusing faux meat, offering a pure vegetarian dining experience.

With décor featuring simple wooden chairs and tables, shelves with ceramic pots on display, and floor seating options, it makes a simple, cozy place to dine.

Don’t pass on the abalone mushroom salad (VND50,000, ~USD2.15), a good starter to whet your appetite.

For the main course, go for a mushroom hotpot (from VND199,000, ~USD8.57). With a wide variety of mushrooms such as enoki and shiitake dipped in a sour or chilly broth of your choice, it makes for a healthy, filling meal. Portions come in different sizes to serve anywhere from 2 people to big groups.

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