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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Cartagena, Colombia

This fantastic city on Colombia’s Caribbean coast transports you to another era, as if you were walking through the pages of a history book. Cartagena’s walled city has been magnificently renovated, unlike many old cities that offer a glimpse of faded splendor. For first-time visitors, it is a city full of unexpected joys, where you can find outstanding eating experiences as well as unique attractions and things to do both day and night. Plazas are bustling with activity, horse-drawn carriages contribute to the mood, and historical structures such as the Castillo San Felipe de Barajas and the Convento La Popa de la Galera provide interesting sightseeing. Here are the top-rated tourist attractions in Cartagena, Colombia.

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Cartagena, Colombia

The Walled City

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Cartagena, Colombia | The Walled City

Colombia’s brightest glory is Cartegana’s lovely walled city. The spectacular building, most of which has been expertly preserved, spans a large area in the city’s historical core. Narrow alleyways lead to appealing open areas and restaurant-lined squares. Small bands set up in restaurants and roving musicians take to the plazas in the evenings, like a scene from a Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel.

The old buildings in the walled city have been undergoing considerable renovation since the early 2010s, many of which were previously vacant. Restaurants and boutique hotels have been transformed into architectural marvels with unique and attractive designs, where you can rest in calm courtyards nestled away from the bustling streets or dine al fresco beneath massive palm palms. As a result of its redevelopment efforts, a historic city has been transformed into a destination that entices visitors to stay longer.

Romantic Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride in Cartagena

A horse-drawn carriage trip around the colonial walled city is one of the most popular things to do in Cartagena, despite the fact that it may appear cliché. The clip-clock sound of horse feet may be heard as you go down practically every street in the old city, where horses seem to outnumber cars.

Although empty carriages will stop for you anywhere in the city, the finest place to begin a tour is at Plaza de los Coches, which is located in front of the Torre del Reloj, the city’s main gate with the characteristic yellow clocktower. Touts are keen to offer you a tour as horse carriages line up on one side of the square.

You can haggle a price, but you’ll only save approximately 15% to 20% off the beginning price. Tours run throughout the day and into the evening, and take you down all of the city’s most attractive streets.

Streets & Plazas of Getsemani

Streets & Plazas of Getsemani | Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Cartagena, Colombia

Getsemani is a lovely neighborhood just outside the walled city. This neighborhood, like the walled city, is historic and has many of the same features, such as spectacular architecture, wood balconies, and tight streets and alleyways. Getsemani, on the other hand, is more residential in nature, less touristy, and more authentically Colombian. Some streets are known for their nightlife, while others are recognized for their tranquil retreats.

Street sellers offering a range of tasty delicacies, street performers, and visitors sitting on the steps of Iglesia de la Trinidad may all be found at Plaza de la Trinidad, Getsemani’s most popular area. Around 6 p.m., this neighborhood comes alive. A variety of modest, casual eateries surround the area, most of which are open-air, offering both indoor and outdoor dining.

Returning from the square, you’ll notice flag-draped streets, massive murals and graffiti-covered walls, an umbrella-draped alley, and people pulling their chairs out into the pavement to enjoy the warm evenings. Plazuela del Pozo is nearby, where you may sit at a table in the square in the evenings and listen to a musician or small band.

Cartagena’s Cathedral

Cartagena's Cathedral | Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Cartagena, Colombia

The Catedral Santa Catalina de Alejandria is one of the top-rated tourist attractions in Cartagena, especially at night, when the majestic spire is illuminated up like a fairy tale scene. As you walk through the streets of the ancient city, you’ll notice it.

The structure, which dates from 1612, has lately undergone a comprehensive restoration. Inside, you’ll see towering arches supported by gigantic columns if you can steal a peek.

Across the street from the cathedral is the seedy Plaza Bolivar. Artists selling their craft are frequently set up in the neighborhood of the cathedral during the day.

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