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Top Restaurants In Guilin, China

Guilin is a foodie’s dream, with hundreds of eateries of all kinds along most street corners and entire streets dedicated to dining. However, even for locals like us, finding the meal we’re looking for isn’t always straightforward. China Highlights has hand-picked a number of excellent restaurants for you to dine at during your visit to Guilin. These restaurants are not tourist traps, but rather good local establishments that serve traditional Chinese cuisine and are well-liked by Guilin residents. Here are the top restaurants in  Guilin you must visit.

Top Restaurants In Guilin, China

Forrest Gump Restaurant

The restaurant serves home-style cuisine with sour and spicy flavors (clients can request that the waitress/waiter modify the taste to their liking). The food is delicious and inexpensive, making it a popular choice among locals. Stewn beef with cabbage is a popular and highly praised cuisine.

‘Chinese Toon Roast Goose’ Restaurant

The ‘Chinese Toon Roast Goose’ Restaurant is known for its finely colored and flavored roast goose, as its name suggests. The specialty is popular due to its crispy skin and fresh meat, as well as the fact that it tastes nice and is fat but not greasy.

The restaurant is unpretentiously decorated, but it creates a nice mood with its clean and neat surroundings and attentive service. Furthermore, the deserts here are one-of-a-kind and delectable.

Kali Mirch (black pepper) Indian Cuisine

Kali Mirch (black pepper) Indian Cuisine

This India restaurant chain, which is located on the liveliest and busiest Zhengyang Pedestrian Street in Guilin’s downtown district, is highly recommended whether you’re seeking for outstanding Indian cuisine or vegetarian options. All of the ingredients are imported from India because the proprietor is an Indian. In Yangshuo, there is also a branch of Kali Mirch (black pepper) Indian Cuisine on West Street.


Xiaonanguo | Top Restaurants In Guilin

Visit Xiaonanguo on Wenming Road if you want to sample all of Guilin’s traditional delights in one area. The meal is superb and authentic, and local Guilin residents rave about it. It’s a spacious restaurant with quick service and a fantastic Chinese menu that specializes in fish. The service isn’t great, but the cuisine more than compensates. This eatery is conveniently located directly across the street from the Sun and Moon Tower. Just go for it if you want to try some nice, clean local food in the center of Guilin. In addition, the cost is really fair.

‘Chun Ji Roast Goose’ Restaurant

In Guilin, it is a well-known restaurant. The foods here combine the flavors of Xiang, Cantonese, and Guilin’s unique taste. Roast goose is a characteristic dish known for its crispy skin and delectable flavor. The restaurant provides a pleasant dining atmosphere, and the servers are kind, however due to high demand, reservations are required in advance. Rice noodles, scallops, goose wings, snails, goose intestines, durian crisps, duck chin, pork roast, scalloped taro, cold fern root powder, goose palm, and so on are some of the foods we propose.

Pizza Park

Pizza Park  | Top Restaurants In Guilin

If you’re missing some western cuisine, come to Pizza Park for authentic and inventive pizza. The ingredients are excellent, and the crust is soft and chewy. Pizza Park is a great restaurant that serves delicious pizzas and salads! It has been voted Guilin’s best Italian style pizza and western cuisine. This location is very wonderful.


Charlotte is one of the top restaurants in  Guilin you should not miss. It is located along the Ronghe Lake in a pleasant atmosphere that gives visitors the impression of being in a riverfront town in the Yangtze River Delta, with water running beneath a tiny bridge. The hallmark dish Tiramisu is thick and huge, and some clients travel to Charlotte specifically to eat Tiramisu. There’s also hotpot and Yangzhou-style fried rice to be had. It is important to note that there is a minimum fee of 15 Yuan each participant.

Taste Made

It’s a new Guilin theme restaurant with a reasonable price and easy parking that’s ideal for a family dinner group or a business event. The Guilin cuisine has been upgraded, and it will provide a new flavor and experience for visitors. Fresh and tender steaming turbot, crispy outer skin and soft interior flesh roasted goose with black plum sauce, delectable French goose liver, and aromatic and sweet Chinese cream custard bun are all specialties worth trying. People can also have morning tea at Taste Made. Steamed vermicelli roll, sauce chicken feet, and other dim sums or meals are available. It’s worth noting that the Taste Made foods are a tad sweeter.

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