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Vegan Restaurants In Hoi An, Vietnam

Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or just searching for plant-based dining options, it’s nice to have personal recommendations. That’s why we have created this list, featuring the best vegan restaurants in Hoi An. Even curious carnivores should agree that the tasty vegan options available at these restaurants would please even the most discerning palate. From breakfast to brunch, dinner to late-night snacking, and every meat-free meal in-between, we’re sure that you’ll find the very best veggie dining experiences using our list as your guide.

Vegan Restaurants In Hoi An, Vietnam


Nourish | Vegan Restaurants In Hoi An, Vietnam

Est. Jan 2019. Offers healthy food for breakfast and lunch using natural ingredients and condiments made in-house. Find choices like tofu scramble and toast, breakfast bowl with fruit and nuts, toast with nut butter, coffee, veggie burgers, fusion salads and bowls. Relocated from Cam Son.

Quan Chay Dam

Family-run vegetarian eatery where you order a la carte or choose from buffet of different veggies and soy meat dishes, rice, and noodle dishes. Located in small alley in old town that is difficult to find – it’s between Le Loi and Hai Ba Trung: take the alley mid-block to the south, toward the river, from Phan Chu Trinh for 30 meters and find the restaurant on the right.

Minh Hien 2

A kissing cousin of the original Minh Hien on Tran Cao Van – this inexpensive vegetarian restaurant is great value for money. The lightly-curried pumpkin and the wonton soups are favorites and the very spicy salad of green banana, mushroom, various greens, bean sprouts and chili is a knockout – literally.

At Minh Hien 2 the owners’ gentle spirituality permeates the service and is part of a package that’ll make you want to return.

Nhat Da

Quan Chay Nhat Da makes mockmeats and bamboo dishes, mostly daily buffet. Free green tea. Uses MSG. No GMO. Mar 2020 reported no longer offering dairy for drinks. Note that the place next door (to the left) is owned by the same people who will give you the food if the front of Nhat Da is closed. Directions: Located west of the town center. Take Hai Ba Trung (D Nhi Trung) away from the river and turn left onto Phan Chu Trinh (also written as Phan Chau Trinh). Number 98 is further west, past Nhi Trung.

Am Vegetarian

Am Vegetarian

Colorfully decorated vegetarian restaurant located a short walk from Old town. Offers a variety of Asian dishes. Example of choices include rice paper rolls, morning glory stir fry, pineapple juice, mock fish, hot pot, fried tofu, and lotus salad.

Cat Tuong

Quan Chay Cat Tuong simple vegetarian place on the road between Da Nang and Hoi An. No menu, but the owner speaks some English. Ordering simple fried rice will end up with big plate of fried rice, bowl of soup, plate of herbs (like basil and mint), some additional chili and Vietnamese tea. Approx. 25000 dong for meal. Has Wi-Fi.
Quan Chay An Lac

An Lac is a small family-run eatery that’s popular with local people (plus Hoi An Now!), and with good reason. Prepared from scratch and cooked freshly in front of you, the food here is a real taste of Hoi An.

The menu includes meat-free versions of local classic dishes for 30,000 VND, and there’s a range of delicious fresh smoothies and juices for around 25,000 VND.

The Fisherman

Right on the beach at An Bang, The Fisherman is one of the best vegan restaurants in Hoi An which has plenty to offer. It’s fully vegan with a diverse international menu and some of the best smoothies in Hoi An. The Buddha Bowl, the pancakes, the Mexican Wrap and the Vegan Burger are all highly recommended.

The setting right on the ocean is as good as it gets in Hoi An and there’s a sustainable consciousness here too, with a low waste approach. The friendly family-style service tops off one of the best vegan restaurants anywhere in the world. Not the cheapest but highly regarded by some and tops for setting.

Karma Waters

A Vegan/Vegetarian Guide to Hoi An | Karma Waters

In addition to amazing Vietnamese dishes and salads, the menu has a large selection of Indian and international cuisines, plus plenty of healthy juices. The Karma Waters’ veggie burger is one of the best-value meals in Hoi An and many seasoned expats rate Karma Waters among their favorites. No MSG, no sugar, no alcohol, no smoking. Even the juices and smoothies are totally sugar-free. All dishes are vegan and home delivery is available. Fabulous vegan cooking classes are offered, and a range of amazing cakes and desserts can be ordered in advance.

Karma Waters is also involved in a range of charity programs for disadvantaged people. Special Note: avoid busy times as there are only a few tables.

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